MegaGigs is a new company that is reaching out in the world, that means we have many members/programmers out in the world not on one place like on an office.

MegaGigs is a company that will be sending out new programs, such as Web Browser, Anti-Viruses(But we are not 100% that we will be doing it, so keep that in mind)
And we want to make the computing world to be a lot easier with our programs.

We currently develop in .NET programming, we will be soon programming in languages such as Java, Delphi, but we are currently not with that on the Scheduler.

If you are willing to help us, then please send us a message on the contact form, and you will be interviewed by email, we do not need to see you in a webcam or chat with you on a chatting program's
such as, Skype. So we will only be sending email's to you on the interview.